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Nowhere to eat?... about to

walk inside a McDonald's?

I've got you. Your first plan of action should be to try to locate a grocery store like Publix or Kroger. 

Publix tends to have everything I need when it comes to healthy choices so more often than not, I go here once or twice a week, prep my food, cook my food and package it.

If you hustle you can grocery shop, prep your ingredients, cook, and then package all in 2 hours.

2 to 4 hours a week to cook for yourself.


When you aren't pressed for time, I recommend the local Farmer's Market to get all your groceries for the week.

This is where you get fresh vegetables, bison, chicken, turkey, fish.


If you find yourself at the grocery store with no microwave and nowhere to heat your food, here are your Proteins, Carbs and other essentials:

•Hard boiled eggs are some of the best things to look for in a supermarket.

Publix usually has them in stock. 

•fresh vegetables to eat as snacks

•whole grain rice cakes for your carbs.





Cayane Pepper








If you have access to a microwave,
try these:

What if your plans don't go as expected?

You're lost, starving and there is nowhere to get

         GOOD food....



McDonald's - This is one place I would avoid entirely.

But if you just absolutely have to do it, then you just have to do it with a solid mind.


You could get the grilled chicken wrap with no sauce.

That might be the healthiest item there.


The only other contender is the egg mcmuffin with no cheese.

I will eat 2 of those for breakfast with a large coffee 2 Splendas.


other than that I guess you could get a grilled chicken salad.

Just tell them  spinach veg and chicken. No sauce.

Beef is high in fat and calories, especially these burgers.

They DO taste good.

Grilled Chicken / Egg Whites

Steamed Hash Browns (Onion/Tomato/Jalepenos)


Hold the toast

Grilled Chicken breakfast Burrito (No Cheese)

Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Chargrilled Wrap (No Dressing)

Grilled chicken salad (again...No Dressing ever)


Hold the bread if you are in competition.

Egg Whites + Veg
Pollo Tropico
Ru Sans

La Fonda Latina

Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad (no dressing) - 7.95


Paella del MAR


Chikfila fil a 2.80 chicken by itself 

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