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Polar A360 Review

I got a new toy yesterday and I'm excited to tell you all about it!

First off, let me tell you that this is something I have been anxiously waiting for and I have to tell you, I am not dissapointed!

I have been a Polar user for 6 years now, starting with their chest straps along with their F7 sensors and the original Polar Loop.

I purchased the Polar Loop 2 and although I thought it looked good, I immediatelly returned it because it didnt have what I was looking for.

I was looking for a few specific things:

1) An ACCURATE heart rate monitor that did not require a chest strap. This has always been the deal breaker with other products including the Fitbit and the Apple Watch. The technology for a wrist based monitor has been there but they proved to be innacurate.



Cool Features -

•Phone Notifications including text messages right to my wrist! I love this.

•You can turn on the display just by flicking your wrist up like you would to look at your watch to see what time it was. (I no longer wear a watch)

•Alarm clock really works. The buzzing is a nice strong stimulus.

•Tracks what percentage of the calories you burned was from fat.

•The display has vibrant colorfull screens which I really like.

You can setup a TRAINING TARGET such as 1,000 Calories on the Polar Flow website. This is a feature I was always wanting from the old versions. Previously they would set a "recommended target" which was not enough for me.

Can sync wirelessly through Bluetooth to the Polar Flow app.

Battery life 12 days 24/7 use.


If you don't even want to play around with accuracy and just want what is known to be 100% accurate, then go with the Polar H7 Heartrate Strap.

It is an extra step to put on and wash afterwards but leaves no room for guess work.

Purchase right here <

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