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Have you FOCUSED yourself and made yourself MOTIVATED by the decision to dive head first into the COMPETITION?


Just JUMP. . . and Get To It.

I will provide you with the WORKOUT PLAN and the NUTRITIONAL GUIDANCE I've formated using my 20 + years of experience in the industry


Sure, you can get a workout app to spit routines out....I've seen them.


TMT Systems puts together



First, What are your GOALS?



Do you want to learn how to safely increase your strength so that you can be the strongest man/woman in the room?


Do you have an ego?


You're going to need it when I hit you with the hardest, most efficient training session you've EVER had!


Are you looking to lose weight?

Let me show you how to do it quickly and make it a permanent change rather than a quick fix. We do it without relying on gimmicky or dangerous methods.


My style of training will contain many Olympic Lifts which I can show you how to perform safely with my  experience as a powerlifter.

Due to the heavy weights involved, proper form is imperetive in that sport.


I can't buy into the Crossfit culture, but I am a fan of High Intensity, cross training. It's nothing new. They did not invent it.

With proper programming and a better progression, my athletes see similar results with better longevity.


As an NPC/IFBB Men's Physique competitor and Fitness Model, I have the process down to deliver that sharp shredded look you see in the magazines.


As a Precision Nutrition Coach, I take my firm understanding of sports nutrition and deliver real coaching to my clients.


Ah Yes... I couldn't get too far without someone asking about SUPPLEMENTS. 

I can tell you what works, what is a waste of time, and what is safe to include. 


My degree allowed me to sit for the

CSCS exam in 2009.

I have been a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist ever since.


I know how to get you strong. It is way more than just just following a list of exercises with reps and sets to complete. Some things I can only show you. Lucky for you, I have come up with a way to deliver this information to you right to your phone with my TMT Systems APP.


After 15 years working as a personal trainer at LA Fitness, Gold's, KSU Rec Center, Just Fitness, Body Pros, many early morning Bootcamps in the Park, Home Training, going house to house,  ... and just the overall hustle a working trainer has to go through to pay the bills, I can say with full confidence that if you have the wish and the will to make it happen,

I can change your life completely.


The question is -

Are you ready?





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